I hope this finds you well. These times are truly without precedent in our lives. I marvel at the fact that my 100-year-old father in law was yet to be born the last time the earth was struck with a pandemic crisis even close to the magnitude of Corona virus. Patience and fortitude are clearly in order and I submit to you that they will be the virtues that lead us successfully out of this dilemma. Pray that our leaders at all levels are able to harness the wisdom and objectivity to exercise both. That being said, we hope your patience includes tolerating the long time before we are permitted to gather together as a congregation again. It is important to remind you that the church needs your financial support now as much as ever. Please continue your ongoing giving during these abbreviated times

The reality of this unfortunate crisis is that, like everything else, it affects people in many different ways. More importantly it affects people to many different degrees. As Pastor Peggi said in her Easter sermon “what is inconvenient for some is difficult for others”. You know which group you find yourself in. I must send a heightened request for financial support to those of us who find ourselves merely inconvenienced by this crisis. Your good fortune necessitates supporting those experiencing difficulty amongst us. We’re looking very forward to meeting together with everyone soon.

William F. Price, Finance Team Chair
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